Jerry Stumpf
Can you change your legacy
and your family tree?

Emphatically, I can say YES!

This article is not written to bash my mom & dad as I have many fond memories from my childhood. However, they did not set a good example for me to follow concerning marriage.

My parents were married only eighteen years. They divorced when I was thirteen. I still carry the scars internally even as a grown adult. Dad was married six more times and lived with four additional women not being married to them. He obviously did not have an idea what a committed relationship contained. Mom married three more times and then lived many years as a single person. Again I am not running down my parents. I simply want to graphically indicate that you do not have to follow in your parents footprints. Through this blog, I will share the differences we have learned which can save or enhance your marriage. Concerning marriage, my wife, Elaine, and I had extremely different role models. Elaine’s parents were married for twenty five years and she has warm thoughts about their marriage.

Several years ago my mom made one of the most exhilarating comments to us as we traveled together. Elaine and I were discussing a couple (we spoke about their situation, not their names) we were working with. We made our comments about helping them in their specific situation as my mom was listening in the back seat. At one stop as we got out of the car, my mom said, ”Jerry you really do have a lot of wisdom! Where were you when your dad and I needed you?” Well of course, I wasn’t even born when their problems actually started. However, it showed me that what we teach crosses generations and genders. Our teaching is based upon principals we learn from the Bible and wise couples who have handed down insight through the generations.

Elaine and I celebrate our 39th anniversary this year (2013). Did we have problems over thirty nine years? Absolutely! What makes our marriage endure? Well it actually is a process of enjoyment, not endurance. There is a vast difference between these two. How about your marriage? Would you characterize your marriage with enjoyment or endurance? Thriving or just surviving? No matter which one illustrates your marriage, if you want it to change, it can!

At the end of every article you will see this reminder: The Best Is Yet To BE!!!! because no matter where your marriage is today, it can be better tomorrow.

How is your marriage? Remember that no matter your heritage, you can be the husband or wife that God intended! You can grow your relationship to become closer knit together. If you have dramatic negative issues, your marriage will take more work to make it the best it can be. Just know that it can become much better no matter where it is today.

This blog has as its purpose how to crack that elusive code for romance and ignite that flame for untold generations. Your marriage can be totally different from that of your parents. Does your marriage need to change? We can help you make your marriage stronger than it is today if you apply the principals we will share with you.

Reflecting on some couples we have worked with in our weekend seminars or one-on-one, it is definitely gratifying to see their growth. These couples are applying solid information to their marriage creating the best marriage it can be. One couple attended three separate sessions (they hosted one for their local church) and now uses our information to share with the couples they help through their unique ministry. We are so pleased to become generational in our passion: teaching people to crack the romance code. Next article will address what that romance code is all about.

Remember - The Best Is Yet To BE!!!! --- Jerry

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